Ceramic and porcelain tiles

Casa Moderna offers a wide range of ceramic tiles. We have porcelain and ceramic tiles for your bathrooms and kitchens, living room and patio, swimming pools and garden. At Casa Moderna you can continuously find original samples of ceramic tiles in our ever expanding collection of mosaics, porcelain, floor and wall ceramic tiles.

Porcelain tiles – can imitate the most diverse and minute details, be they natural or artificial. The combination of the technical details with the flexibility of the tiles' design make this material ideal for use both inside your home or outside in the harshest conditions.

Wall ceramic tiles – We hold a large collection of tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. The variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles of these tiles can make any customer feel like professional interior designer.

Floor ceramic tiles – can be used on almost any surface: open terraces, alley pathways, stairs, pools, and even house façades. At Casa Moderna you can see fine samples of all such applications. In addition to these you can buy ceramic, porcelain and extruded klinker steps, decorative inserts, borders, skirting and other decorative ceramic elements.

ROCA, Spain

Roca Cerámica is the area of the Corporation that produces and commercialises floor and wall tiles for both interior and exterior spaces, offering products of exclusive design that enable the ideal ambience for each user's personal requirements to be created.

Aparici Ceramica

The quality of Roca tiles is guaranteed thanks to a high-precision production process aimed at obtaining the maximum durability, long-lasting enamels and colourings and the strictest accuracy in the dimensions of every one of the pieces.

Roca has flat tile factories in Spain and Brazil.


Roca Red Rock Roca Lux Roca Campania Roca Tempo
Red Rock Lux Campania Tempo
Roca carrara Roca Khan Roca Tahiti Roca Sincro
Roca Carrara Khan Tahiti Sincro




Cerámicas Aparici S.A. produces and commercializes ceramic wall and floor tiles and porcelain tiles to the national and international market.

Aparici Ceramica

The ceramic company is managed in Alcora ( Castellón de la Plana ) in 1961, the place where the fabrication of tiles is already, a tradition associated with its culture. In its origins it counted with a team of 8 people with which is dedicated to elaborate a ' bizcocho' through traditional kilns.In 1966, moment of a big boom in ceramics in all the province, the first expansion is made getting to the 10.000 square meters of installation and a work force of 50 workers.

In its business growth, Cerámicas Aparici stands out for being one of the pioneer companies to launch to the market the floor tiles. At the end of the decade of the 70s, the second expansion takes place in which Cerámicas Aparici reaches the 150 workers, with facilities of 20.000 square meters and with a productive capacity of 6.000 square meters .

At the moment, the facilities of Cerámicas Aparici possesses a productive capacity that reaches the 14.500.000 square meters a year and a total of 280.000 square meters


Ceramicas Aparici Brio Ceramicas Aparici Etolie Ceramicas Aparici Pasione Ceramicas Aparici Gloss
Brio Etolie Pasiione Gloss
Ceramicas Aparici Porcelaniko Karelia    
Porcelanico Karelia Timber    




Inalco is a specialist of ceramic tiles and service for the construction industry and architecture and interior design sector.

inalco ceramica

Inalco bases its business philosophy on four main cornerstones: Innovation, quality, service and an environmental commitment.

Inalco's mission: To forge a name as a worldwide leader in the ceramic tile sector in product, process and service innovation: offering customers the greatest benefits and highest added value.


Inalco Atelier Inalco Celine Inalco Lounge Inalco Palace
Atelier Celine Lounge Palace
Inalco Royal Inalco Sybilla Inalco Vintage Inalco Vulcania
Royal Sybilla Vintage Vulcania



Colorker S.A. is a company dedicated to the production and commercialisation of ceramic floor and wall tiles. Since the company's beginnings back in 1987, we have worked hard to ensure maximum standards of quality and design in all our products, enabling us to offer our customers total guarantees. This quality has also been extended to our services, which are closely linked to our customer relations.

In addition to offering total quality, here at Colorker we also aim to transmit our "know-how" to both customers and professionals, an added value that is possible thanks to the skills of the team of professionals that make up the company. Thanks to these past and present team members, Colorker is a leader in the ceramic tile sector and a reference for a large number of material specifiers and distributors and has earned the recognition and respect of other companies operating in the sector.

Our company is fully aware of consumers' needs and requirements when choosing the right products. Indeed, our research department works in close collaboration with their fellow workers in product design and development, obtaining state-of-the-art products offering the ideal aesthetic features for each setting.


Colorcer Daino Colorcer Estatuario Colorcer Onix Colorcer Travertino
Daino Estatuario Onix Travertino




Considerable productive capacity covering all types of tiles; wall in white porous, white body single-fired tiles, fully vitrified porcelain tiles and a vast range of products, formats, thickness and designer colours. It is the special attention paid by Gambarelli's marketing division to its customer needs and requests that is behind the product success.


The land development market together with interior design and property renovation is satisfied in every need at Gambarelli. Everyone is supported and assisted by competent and caring pre and after sales personnel. Quality is the prime mover for Gambarelli Group's work. It involves every production stage, from raw material arrival to every further manufacturing stage, this under severe finished product acceptance standards. Research and development towards new products is the stamina for all investment effort within the Group.

Our technology is state-of-the-art and latest generation. Production and research are controlled by powerful computers run by a staff of proven expertise. For Gambarelli there is only Total Quality Market. Globalisation is another Gambarelli Group achievement as further proof of its competitive stance and the dynamic talents of its management team with three generations of entrepreneurial effort, financial resources and technological heritage.

Gambarelli Group It is ready to face the third millennium with this wealth of traditions and with its gaze firmly fixed on the future.


Gambarelli Gmbarelli Gambarelli  


DUNE, Spain

Innovative and avant-garde designers. Trend creators.
6 collections, more then 1000 articles.
Decorative products to be combined at will. Play with them and be creative.

The largest logistic distribution network in ceramic decoration, with warehouses in 12 subsidiaries.
A dynamic and flexible company that is in constant contact with the market.





PORCELANOSA is the market leader in the ceramic floor and wall tile sector, and its ongoing efforts in research and development and its excellent standards of quality have earned it an excellent business reputation throughout the world.


The company specialises in the production of porous, stoneware and porcelain wall and floor tiles in a wide range of formats and finishes. Technology, quality and durability are the defining characteristics of all its products.


Highslide JS Porcelanosa_Firenze Porcelanosa_multicolor Lounge Porcelanosa_Roble Palace
Mosaic Duo Crystal Mosaic Firenze Mosaic Multicolor Parchet Roble
Porcelanosa_Vintage Porcelanosa_Brunei Porcelanosa_Carbono Porcelanosa_Nepal
Parchet Vintage Porcelanosa Brunei Porcelanosa Carbono Porcelanosa Nepal
Porcelanosa_Saigon Porcelanosa_Travertino Porcelanosa-Taiga Porcelanosa-Taiga
Porcelanosa Saigon Porcelanosa Travertino Porcelanosa Taiga Porcelanosa Lino




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